• Leadership is all about making good decisions
  • Decisions are all about weighing returns against risks
  • Better decision making leads to achieving goals more quickly and minimizing risk wherever possible

As a management consulting company, we stand ready to collaborate with clients on any element of their activities which may be related to decision making in the face of risk or uncertainty. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. corporate turnarounds
  2. strategic planning & risk management reviews
  3. leadership development & executive coaching

Corporate Turnarounds

The success of any organization is determined by the skills and level of commitment or engagement of its members. For this reason, our corporate turnaround activities are focused on people rather than accounting issues. Our approach to assisting distressed organizations is reflected in our founder’s first book, Leveraging People for a Corporate Turnaround: Leadership and Management Guidance for Organizational Change.

Strategic Planning & Risk Management Reviews

We assist corporations and higher education institutions in formulation and review of strategic plans and risk management mechanisms.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

We construct leadership development plans for clients and support individual leaders who seek greater balance in risk assessments and decision making. Often, clients face important strategic decisions, struggle to identify key risks, have concerns that personal or corporate risk management processes are insufficient, wonder whether to embark on an entrepreneurial venture, are coming off a recent setback (loss or damage), or are contemplating succession planning.

Our founder, Dr. Yuval Dan Bar-Or, is available for a variety of in-house presentations and seminars.

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