The Science Says initiative aims to strengthen the connection between scholars and mainstream society.

The academic community serves very important functions for society:

  1. Educating future generations
  2. Discovering objective truths about our world and ourselves, and
  3. Protecting the scientific method and freedom of speech

Despite the unquestioned importance of these tasks, the average person on the street has little contact with academicians and little knowledge of what scholars do on a daily basis. To most of us, university professors are geeks who live in their own world, oblivious to our existence. This is a false impression. Nevertheless, it holds for many.

We live a world of contradiction. On the one hand, most people agree that we are in the midst of an exciting age of discovery where “science rules.” On the other hand, public funding for universities is getting cut back. For this reason, leveraging our academic resources more efficiently has become increasingly important to our ability to compete on the global stage. Science Says strives to improve communication between Main Street and the Ivory Tower with the objective of unleashing our full innovation potential.

Our universities are packed with highly intelligent and skilled people who are committed to scholarship (research and education). They have answers many of us need to: weather storms, use energy more efficiently, stay healthy, play safely, explore our innermost thoughts and fears, decide wisely, and educate ourselves and our children. We in turn can help them by understanding the challenges they face and helping with creative solutions to help keep our universities well-funded and vibrant.

Science Says will soon begin listing practical initiatives that help to move this agenda forward. Please Contact Us with ideas and suggestions.